What are you linked with?

What are you linked with?

“PR is about reputation- the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you”- CIPR.

Ever considered what your online reputation says about yourself?

Consider the brands/people and words that you associate yourself with, what do they say and do they portray the reputation that you want to have about yourself?

There are probably a lot of people within your friends or followers list that you could say either do this well, or simply do himself or herself no justice.

Its fair to say that privacy, especially online has been long gone. In this Internet age, personal brands and identity is never just “turned off” and because of this either is your reputation.

Its almost considered the “norm” for people nowadays to have a facebook and twitter page amongst other social network pages, but its how we use them and the things we say and allow others to see about ourselves is what matters.

Time and time again I hear that having good online presence, may even improve getting a job. It’s something PR students will want to consider.

I personally find my twitter account @paigelm, useful for PR, I take advantage of the contacts I have made and use them for advice and support (after all PR is about communication), I also tweet about relevant things regarding PR, and use this account strictly to build a good reputation about myself, in hope that I may stand out.

User generated content online such as posting content on networks is at its high, and us individuals write the web, whether we know it or not, so its pretty scary to think that other could be following us because they think what we have to say it good and they find it useful, its nice to know that I may be having an impact on somebody or possibly helping someone.

Stephen Waddington, @wadds, who works at Speed Communications, recently came into talk to us PR students at Sunderland University. Within his talk he discussed our online reputation and give some brilliant advice in order for us to get ahead of the game in making sure what we have online is giving others the right messages and will get us noticed in the PR industry, he said:

  •  Use Twitter and other social networks to connect and engage with influential people, it’s all about networking!
  • Comment on articles on PR week, shows you’re dedicated!
  • Create your own microsite so people can see who you are and what you’re all about- be careful to say the right stuff!
  • Create content such as a video for interviews- Make yourself stand out and be different, in a good way through

From my perspective I think that in order to make it in the world of PR, having a GOOD online reputation is a must, but its something everyone whether or not you’re in the PR industry needs to consider.

After all to think that your future employer may look at what content you provide online and may even consider this when thinking about employing someone, is really something.

And as Anne Gregory states: “Reputation is not something that is earned overnight”, so make sure your doing all the right things and one picture, tweet or status could give others the wrong impression!

Leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.


With over 6 million active users, Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites sice in launched in 2004.

What better way than to use this handy tool for PR!

The majority of business’s and products now have their own facebook page, which enables users to “Like” their page and beome a follower.

Their page often tells followers about recent events and promotions, which may be happening for that particular company. Its arguably an effective way to reach a large audience almost immediaty, it almost seems silly not to use this tool, since it is free too.

How to use the tool…

One well-known business, has using the art of facebook down to a tee. Heinz became the 1st food product to be sold via facebook in the UK. Heinz used facebook to let their ketchup loving followers buy a bottle of the limited edition ketchup with balsamic vinegar in it. They only made 1,000,057 bottles of the product, cleverly incorporating the “57” number theme which appears on all product which are produced by Heinz as part of their PR campaign.

Their facebook page has a number of posts educating their followers about facts and what’s happening with them, for example they recently posted saying that they have been voted the top 2 most trusted household brands. It also enables users to leave comments about their product, especially what they think ketchup goes nice with.

One thing is for sure, this companies facebook page has taken a lot of time and effort into making and keeping  it updated, but it has such an impact, Click the link below to have a look at their page…

Heinz Tomato Ketchup UK

Other companies such as River Island have clicked onto the trend, and followed suit in creating their own facebook page…

River Island

With already over 934,000 “likes”, this page enables River Island keep their followers up to date with the latest fashion trends, promotions, and competitions as well as links to their other social network sites.

Needless to say these to companies use facebook to their advantage for their business, and can see how powerful this tool is when it comes to promoting their business.

From my perspective, if you are considering using facebook as a tool for PR, be careful, remember your online reputation may be impacted, so remember to update your page accordingly and provide information on your organisation via status’ and think about what message you are sending to those that may be reading.

I think that in order for business’s to engage with their publics these days then it is more important than ever to have some sort of presecene on facebook.

Leave your comments or why not even share this on facebook, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.

PR Campaigns…They’re everywhere.

 The majority of the time we are being targeted by them whether you realise it or not, you are.

 There’s good ones out there, there’s bad ones, and well…there’s just the damn right ugly ones, but if they are done properly these crafty little campaigns can have an huge affect for a business or product.

 Most PR campaigns are intended to portray a particular message of that business or campaign, and can hugely build the reputation for any client, that is if the campaign is done correctly.

 These PR campaigns can reach a large audience, without the extensive cost of marketing and advertising…RESULT!

 I was recently shown this PR campaign for a girls birthday party called “The Pink Pony Campaign”, and think its brilliant, have a look…

This has all the fundamentals of a PR campaign, even though it is a simple scernio, and obviously such a campaign would not be needed in this case its an effective way of showing us how to incorporate all the principles of a campaign, it clearly states the objective, the strategy, the tactics used, and the end result!!

 So far in uni, I have been asked to pitch to win make believe clients to do a PR campaign for them in order to pass modules, and I have to say that I enjoy doing PR campaigns, its one area I can get stuck into and you can put you skills to the test, this is one area I know time and time again I will not tire of doing them, no campaign will ever be the same, it will be something that really keeps my mind going.

 Although none of my PR campaigns have been put to the rest of the world, I can certainly see how rewarding it would be to have a campaign out there knowing that you were a part of creating it.

 From my perspective I think in order for a PR campaign to be successful, these 6 steps should always be followed when composing a campaign:

  1. Define and write down your objectives for your publicity or media plan


  1. Define your goals in achieving this objective. It is important that your goals be   specific, measurable, results-oriented and time-bound.


  1. Determine who your target audience consists of. Who is it that you want to reach with this campaign? What do you want your key message to be? Develop a schedule for your public relation campaigns.


  1. Develop a schedule for your public relation campaigns


  1. Develop your plan of attack. What communication tools will you use to get your message to the public, will it include:
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Letters to the Editor Press Conferences, Interview, or Media Tours
  • Radio, Television, or Press Interviews
  • Seminars or Speaking Engagements
  • Event Sponsorships


  1. Put measures in place to track the results of your PR Campaign. After each campaign sit down and review the results.Did you achieve the defined objectives and goals of this campaign? Should you consider modifying your original plan? If so, how and why?

If your doing a PR campaign I hope this post may have helped.

Why not comment with links to PR campaigns that you think have been good, or even the really bad ones?

Leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.

Its not all like this...

Its not all like this...

 A recent study done by CareerCast on “What is the most stressful jobs?” showed that people who worked in the PR sector, especially (PR) executives had the second most stressful job.

Jobs within the media industry carry the highest work pressure with four of the top 10 most stressful jobs media-related.

Tony Lee, who publishes on CareerCast, said that “Communications jobs can be high pressure with PR executives having to handle crisis situations.”

Interestingly, more than half of the top 10 least stressful jobs were from the healthcare industry.

This week I have been able to get some experience as I have been completing a work placement at RobsonBrown, in Newcastle and although the above research outlines having a job in PR as stressful I have to say that I never witnessed any stressful moments it was nice to be in a calm and organised environment.

I am not saying that this job can’t be stressful at times but I wouldn’t say it was the second most stressful job out there, it is ultimately rewarding when you see that all the hard work you put into your clients really delivers, and I think this counter acts all the stress in the first place as  it was worth it.

This placement has given the opportunity to put into practice all the skills I have acquired through university so far, and I would strongly advise anybody who is studying PR to get a placement sorted, to get some on hand experience, as although university may teach you the skills its being able to use them in a real life setting that really matters.

I had imagined that I would be writing news release after news release, however I was delighted that my days included writing E-shots, looking through local, and national newspapers for stories about or related to their clients.

If anyone is considering a career in PR, I would say GO FOR IT, If your strong minded and determined but like a changeling job, this career path could be for you.

I have enjoyed my week placement at Robson and Brown, and its just made me eager to finish university, get out there into the world to start enjoying something that keeps me on my toes, as many of you that know me realise this is a hard thing to do, I have finally met my match in PR in more ways than one.

Leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.

We’ve all seen interviews on the news channels, chatshows, crimewatch and many other programmes, but how often have we seen someone go on live television and been stuck for words, and done themselves no justice?

 As a PR practitioner our job is to properly brief a client when they are going to be interviewed, no matter how delicate the topic of the interview, your client needs to be fully prepared and has to be able to answer any question the interviewee asks them.

 Time and time again we see people being interviewed and it goes horribly wrong, some become lost for words, and other says all the wrong words, delivering the wrong key messages to people who are watching.

 One of the most famous interviews where this happened and has to be arguably one of the worst interviews I have seen was the BBC interview between:Jeremy Paxman and Michael Howard, Paxman proceeded on asking Howard the same question 12 times, and Howard could not once answer the question but rather answered with different replies.

 Click the video below to have a watch…

 While this might make “entertaining television” it certainly does not do the client and the topic they are discussing- most likely a brand any favours. Let’s not forget most interviews are conducted for the clients to deliver key messages so they don’t damage their reputation…as much!

 I’ve come across some useful tips that a client should always remember whilst being interviewed:

  • Where you can’t say sorry, express regret
  • Have an element of surprise in your answer
  • Always answer the question, don’t avoid it, if you do this will be noticed, for all the wrong reasons
  • Try and deliver your key messages within your replies
  • Keep answers straight to the point, short and simple
  • Use language the interviewee and your audience would use, stay clear from jargon
  • Always use the “3 C rule”: Express Concern, Commit to action, and Control the interview

My perspective is, that if you do have client, make sure they are fully prepared for anything, and the deliver all of the key messages. If you are the client, do not panic and remember why you are there in the first place, to deliver these key messages!

Leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.

Is online PR moving, and will we change the way we do PR in the future?

The other day within my lecture we discussed the above questions and what were our thoughts on it. It’s clear that online has a different rhythm to the convential news cycle.

We looked at 2 sites which has been produced to helpPR professionals:

My News Desk

PR Web

These sites are designed for news exchange, where anybody can put online their news content and this allows other users to choose the information they need to produce content such a news story articles- seems a valuable tool the PR pro’s can bebnefit from.

These up and coming websites help those people who want to read the information online, which also provides the information in a range of formats that anticipate the needs of the users.

Although you have the pay for this handy tool, it certaintly does help provide the building blocks for a news story, and even provides links for the content, without a doubt it will cut research time considerably.

Although these tools are fairly new, I think that they will play a major role in PR in the next few years, its a simple way for allowing pracitioners to be on top of the news agenda.

Its arguable that the traditional news cycle and current research methods are down and being overtaken by user generated content online.

The benefit from these fantastic tools, is that it cheaper, less time consuming and allows us to have direct engagement with the public…Win, win situation all round!

Check out the below clip on how, My news desk works. You never know you may be using this tool shortly.

Leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.

This has always been a topic that has interested me.

If you had asked me about PR 4 years ago, I would have been none the wiser. However recently I notice PR becoming more common. This could be either due to studying PR as a degree or because the industry of PR is becoming bigger.

The first time I remember hearing about PR in the media was in the film, yes you’ve probably already guessed, “Sex and the city”, where the character Samantha Jones plays a business women who has a career in PR. This film see’s her go to glamorous events and she even blags herself and her friends a free stay in a top star hotel.

Looking glamorous...surprised? NO!

Looking glamorous...surprised? NO!

I have always been a fan of “The Hills”, which include Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port who worked in Teen Vogue, and most recently I’ve been watching “The City” which is about Witney and her career in the PR industry. These series, saw the girls with more hands on events and them actually doing aspects of PR which we can relate to, however I have to say they are still somewhat glamorised. It’s questionable weather the majority of the scenes are “played up” for the audience’s entertainment.

At a glamorous event...surprised? NO!

At a glamorous event...surprised? NO!

And lastly, the reality TV shows, “The Spin Crowd”. The show centres about a Hollywood based PR firm called “Command PR”. I’ve yet to hear the word “News release” to be mentioned and see the staff actually doing any work, all they seem to do is gossip, someone give me that job!The show focus’s on big celeb based events and again represents PR as being glamorous, I’m sure the fact it’s based in Hollywood has something to do with that, but where is the real PR in not just this show but the others too?

At a glamorous event...surprised? NO!
At a glamorous event…surprised? NO!

My perspective that if you haven’t a clue what PR actually is than do not just assume it’s like whatthese shows and movie portray it as. It to a certain extent is a complete mis-representation.

From my experience I know a career in PR is a hands on job and you have to be dedicated, it’s not all about the glitz and glamour, and night after night of champagne parties.

I don’t yet have a job in PR, but I’m expectingearly mornings and late nights, stressful days and unfortunately I can’t see myself interacting with celebs on a day-to-day basis. What I do know however that although the world of PR may not like its portrayed in PR

I believe its going to a very rewarding job when you see something you and her colleagues have worked on being successful, and I can’t wait to start my career journey in PR, however you sadly won’t be seeing me staring in any reality shows anytime soon.

If you like what you have just read, 2 of my fellow PR bloggers base their blogs around this topic, give them read:

PUTTING THE “PROPER” BACK INTO PR…http://sarahhepworth.wordpress.com/

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Leave your comments, and I hope you enjoyed reading this topic from my perspective.

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